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Don’t let rain water go to waste! Water is one of the most precious resources on the planet that every living creature and plant relies upon for survival. One important way you can easily conserve more water is by using rain barrels.

Our Green Home has nearly a dozen different types of rain water barrel systems and accessories to select from depending on the amount of water you want to collect and how you plan to collect it. They are all stylish with a variety of designs and colors that fit the décor of any outdoor space. Instead of being an eyesore, your rain water barrel will be an attractive yard feature.

All of our decorative rain barrels are made in the United Sates. No matter where you want to collect water, or what your home landscaping design may be, we have an eco friendly rain harvesting solution for you and your yard!

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Rain Barrel Holds 50 gallons of rain water
Terracotta Rain Barrel
Our Price: $99.99
These affordable but decorative Water Barrels are reused food grade barrels. Includes a two piece screw-on lid with a bug and debris screen. A standard brass spigot is screwed into the fitting with teflon tape, there is an overflow fitting near the top which you can attach a regular garden hose or multiple barrels. These barrels hold 50 gallons of precious rain water.

Put Together a Complete Rain Barrel Kit

We have everything you need to complete your rain barrel system. Our rain barrels come with spigots, hoses, and screens so that you can easily use the clean water provided by Mother Nature. Some products even include a manufacturer’s warranty.

The barrel itself is the main component, but accessories like the Rain Wizard Diverter and Rain Wizard Solar Pump allow you to expand the possibilities. You can choose to use a single rain water barrel, or select multiple barrels to maximize your water collection!

If you have questions about putting together a rain barrel system, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

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