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Think Outside of the Plastic Bottle

Our Hand Lotion, Body Lotion bars are wonderful for dry winter skin or skin exposed to the elements. Natural quality ingredients are specially blended to sooth and soften dry skin. Solid Lotion Bars are made with cocoa butter, coconut oil, beeswax and a fragrance. Pick it up and rub it on any part of your body. You can leave Lotion Bars uncovered as they are all oils and will not dry out. They just melt onto your hands.

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Perfect Sized Dish for your Solid Lotion!
Solid Lotion Dishes
Our Price: $3.25


Ceramic and terra cotta dishes for your solid lotion bars, Terra Cotta, Ceramic Honey Bee and Ceramic Solid White. One dish lasts forever, or a different dish for every scent.
Great for Travel!
Solid Lotion Bars
Our Price: $4.50


We love our solid lotion bars! Even the best homemade soap cannot keep this Minnesota girl moisturized all year round. I use a lotion bar on my legs after shaving and on the heels of my feet. They are easy to use - just rub on the area you want moisturized. These are great for traveling as they do not count as a liquid! Contents: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Fragrance Oil. 1.75 oz
With all the plastic in the environment we have made a concerted effort to find great products that do not use plastic bottles, or any plastic packaging if possible.

Our Hand Lotion, Body Lotion bars are wrapped in a small piece of cello instead of a plastic bottle or jar. Our lotion bars last as long as a large bottle of lotion and are great for traveling since it is not liquid and does not need a 3 ounce bottle.
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