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Compost bins, Water Barrels, Non-motorized lawn mowers

Everything you need for your yard while making it more sustainable

Harvest rain water and mow your lawn without gas. Green lawn care isn't hard when you have the right garden gear. Reel lawn mowers are perfect for small yards and our designer rain barrels look great next to any home. While our terracotta water collection system is an inexpensive way to collect rainwater for your garden. Our Ponypal recycled tire swings will be the envy of all the neighbor kids. Our wool birdhouses are the perfect addition to your pergola or backyard tree, the birds will love it.

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Rain Barrel Holds 50 gallons of rain water Killing Weeds Without Accidentally Killing Your Flowers Planting Kit by Green Toys - Eco Friendly BPA, PVC & Phthalate Free Toys
Terracotta Rain Barrel
Our Price: $99.99
WeedBlaster Pro™
Our Price: $11.99
These affordable but decorative Water Barrels are reused food grade barrels. Includes a two piece screw-on lid with a bug and debris screen. A standard brass spigot is screwed into the fitting with teflon tape, there is an overflow fitting near the top which you can attach a regular garden hose or multiple barrels. These barrels hold 50 gallons of precious rain water. Killing Weeds Without Accidentally Killing Your Flowers

WeedBlaster Pro™ is the newest solution for maintaining weed-free lawns and gardens. The popular new weed sprayer is a must-have for homeowners looking for a safer and easier way to use herbicides to kill weeds.

WeedBlaster Pro works with organic lawn products. Nearly 50% of the WeedBlaster Pro™ is made from recycled plastic.
Young green thumbs can watch nature at work by growing a small indoor garden in just days with the environmentally friendly Planting Kit from Green Toys™. This planting kit comes with a 100% recycled plastic pot, package of organic sunflower seeds, soil disk, and easy to follow instructions. Made in the U.S.A. from 100% recycled plastic milk containers.
All natural handcrafted soap made in Winona, Minnesota. Organic Garden Pest Control Recipe Spray Bottle

Keep the dirt outdoors! After working in your yard, wash at your outdoor faucet. This 100% natural eco bag holds a bar of all natural handcrafted lemongrass soap made in Winona, Minnesota. Our handmade soaps are formulated to deliver the very best in skin care while using only safe, truly natural ingredients. Our soaps never use harmful synthetic chemicals, preservatives, artificial dyes, or synthetic fragrance oils.

Our 'Organic Garden Pest Control' recipe spray bottle has 4 garden recipes printed on the bottle. Organic recipes contain safe and natural ingredients to help control disease and pests in the garden. This recipe spray bottle includes a recipe for All-Purpose Insect Repellent (to repel leaf chewing insects), an aphid control spray, an ant control spray and an anti-Fungal spray recipe.
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