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Compost bins, Water Barrels, Non-motorized lawn mowers

Everything you need for your yard while making it more sustainable

Harvest rain water and mow your lawn without gas. Green lawn care isn't hard when you have the right garden gear. Reel lawn mowers are perfect for small yards and our designer rain barrels look great next to any home. While our terracotta water collection system is an inexpensive way to collect rainwater for your garden. Our Ponypal recycled tire swings will be the envy of all the neighbor kids. Our wool birdhouses are the perfect addition to your pergola or backyard tree, the birds will love it.

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Flat back design to allow convenient placement against walls 7 cubic foot capacity compost tumbler and a water barrel Holds up to 12 cubic feet of compost
Rain Wizard 300
Our Price: $799.99
Sale Price: $749.99
Compost Wizard Hybrid
Our Price: $299.99
Sale Price: $229.99
Compost Wizard
Our Price: $299.99
Sale Price: $229.99
For serious water conservation, the Rain Wizard 300 is THE solution. The flat back design allows the 300 to sit flush against structure walls  so incorporating your downspout is simple.  This design also helps hold the structural integrity of the barrel.  The smooth, durable screen keeps out pests and can be removed for cleaning access.
As the top barrel is rotated, gravity and centrifugal forces squeeze out excess liquid from the compost which flows out onto the base where it's channeled into the barrel. From there it mixes directly with the rain water collected from your gutters forming nutrient packed plant food.

In the world of composters, you have two basic choices: Bins and Tumblers. Bins typically hold more than tumblers but must be aerated constantly. The Compost Wizards massive drum is one of the largest on the market. Handholds allow you to get a grip to optimize your torque unlike complex, crank-driven systems that are clunky and break overtime.

90 Gallon rain barrel with deep and wide planter top 7 cubic foot capacity compost tumbler Rain Wizard Solar Pump
Impressions 90 Gallon Bark Rain Saver
Our Price: $249.99
Sale Price: $219.99
Compost Wizard Starter Kit
Our Price: $199.99
Sale Price: $189.99
Rain Wizard Solar Pump
Our Price: $189.99
Sale Price: $169.99
This 90 gallon Bark design is nearly twice the size of most barrels on the market.  The most captivating feature is its appearance which emulates the rough texture of a large tree trunk.  With a deep welled top, you can plant an array of floral arrangements or even a small herb or vegetable garden.
This composter comes fully assembled and just needs to be placed in a proper location. Use the stainless steel pail as a kitchen composter or as a caddy to transport items out to your composter. The replaceable charcoal filter will block out unwanted smells and the stainless steel look will fit right in with any kitchen.
A completely, self-contained, solar pump.  This pump was designed with rain barrels in mind.  Specifically made to work with low/no pressure systems.  An 8 hour charge in direct sunlight can pump up to 100 gallons at a pressure reaching 13 PSI.
14 inch Electric Lawn Mower All that's needed is the barrel Made of 100% recycled black Polyethylene
14" Electric Lawn Mower
Our Price: $169.99
Sale Price: $159.99
Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler
Our Price: $149.99
Sale Price: $149.99
Soil Machine PRO
Our Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $149.99
An easy-to-use machine that takes care of the smaller yards, Sun Joe developed the Mow Joe MJ401E, a smaller electric lawn mower that delivers the power of a gas machine with the convenience of an electric unit. Its durable steel blade cuts 14-IN wide with precision on each pass.
The next generation of composting is now available. The Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler combines some of the greatest features in our tumblers to create a compact tumbler that does it all.  Each 25 gallon chamber is separated and can compost independently. Also on the Dueling Tumbler is a compost tea collecting base which collects excess composting liquid for later use on plant root and soil.
The Soil Machine PRO has 7 cubic feet of composting capacity and over 5 gallons of space in the base for harvesting compost tea.
Soil Machine PRO is made of 100% recycled black Polyethylene resin. The dark color helps heat the inner chamber by absorbing light and heat energy. And you can feel good that it's recycled. The PE construction makes the bin and base strong and rugged.
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